Landform is a line of American-made, steel homeware for functional spaces.

The brand's products are industrial, minimalist, and inspired by nature.  Each product’s namesake is a global geologic land form that its design was inspired by.

Developed by Cavalier, the Landform brand was created to be a modern, sophisticated and abstract reflection of each land form’s qualities.


We wanted the identity to be organic in nature, devoid of any vector generated paths.

The brand system was created with a series of relief prints made from various types of aggregate.  We experimented with different grades of sand, stone, soil and pebbles to create a large library of brand patterns that can be used in various applications.

We used housing insulation to get the initial imprints of the aggregate, then inked it create our relief prints.  We experimented with different materials, and ink rollers and in the end created a series of unique prints, allowing for future product lines. 

Art Consultant: Xavian Lahey
Photography:  Amanda Baker

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